Thursday, March 8, 2007

Drills and Games

After every group went to each station once, we lined them up at one end of the court to do dribbling drills up and down the court, and around the world. This was one of my groups, the girl at the front of the line is named Dabagum.

I tried to get some good pictures of the girls doing dribbling drills, most them were of the ball on the ground and the girl chasing after it!

There were some athletic girls, but it definitely came easier for the boys.

Dale, with his unending energy, would run up and down the court dribbling with the kids.

After the drills, if there was time, Paul would form two teams of 5 and have them play a game. It was really exciting to watch them use the skills they had never done before that day.

The kids watching would get so excited and scream loudly when a basket was made.

Notice the man watching on the right, he is Elimane (el-lee-mon) Kaire (Kai-ray), the P.E. teacher at one of the schools. You can read more about him here.

After the drills and game, we'd shout "Grand Cercle! Grand Cercle!" and the kids would make a huge circle around the court. We're talking a few hundred kids some days!

Phillipe would then lead us all in a game similar to the Hokey Pokey. The song even had the words "hookie pookie" in there somewhere. It was so fun and silly, and the kids there are just like kids in America, they love to see adults make absolute fools of themselves. Hopefully we'll be able to post the video at

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Angie  said...

Hi Diana

Basketball has a great fascination for Chinese, esp. after Yao Ming has joined the Houston Rockets. Plus, it's much easier to understand than American football.