Saturday, March 10, 2007

Getting Started

Our first day there, the locals who built the court put the second coat of paint on the lines. That was such a blessing and answer to prayer, as we weren't sure if the court would be done in time.

The guys went and checked out the court on the first day. They also pumped up all the basketballs. Unfortunately the pump that worked was in a missing bag, so they had one pump that leaked. But Brian pulled a MacGuyver and put a piece of gum over the hole. Brilliant!

Here was the court when we first arrived the second day of our trip.

The nets had to be hung on the hoops before we could start. Normally these racks have a plank between two of them to make a platform. We just used them like ladders.

Eric and I were the brave ones who climber it. We attached them with zip ties, then had to use my knife (Thank you God for cargo pockets) to cut the ends off and turn them down so they didn't pop the balls.

We realized right away that the nets needed to be stretched out.

We had so much fun shooting and little by little kids gathered around the court.

So we gave them balls too and let them try. They definitely needed the camp!

Then we saw the kids coming!

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