Friday, March 2, 2007

Goree Island

Goree (Gor-ray) Island
was a huge slave trading post. It's now a tourist location with museums and markets and restaurants.

You have to take a ferry to the island. In the waiting room and on the ferry, the people who sell things on the island try to "make friends" with you so that once on the island they chase you around by name trying to get you to buy their wares. You can get some good deals if you drive a hard bargain but sometimes they can get a little mean, and you definitely don't get a moments quiet while you're there.

The slave museum was pretty sad. There weren't many artifacts or things to look at. But it was an actual building that the slaves were held in, dank dark cells on the bottom floor, and nice bright rooms for buyers on the top floor. Here Eric is standing in a child's cell, they would stuff about 30 kids in there. Right next to that cell is the doorway below.

Over millions of slaves passed through this doorway. This was the place the boats pulled up to and hundreds of slaves were stuffed into a boat. Because they knew 30% would die in the voyage, they'd overstuff the ships so they'd have more slave upon arrival. It was heartbreaking to stand there.

Here's the place we had lunch. We had several choices of what to eat, I think people were pretty happy to have individual meals. My chicken and rice was really good. We had a guy serenading us and it was really nice, unfortunately we couldn't clap or he'd expect everyone to pay him. Jason did tip him at the end (thanks Jason!)

Melissa freaked out when her foot brushed Dale's bag under the table, she thought he bought some kind of fur souvenir! But it was a hungry cat taking a nap.

Later the cat tried jumping from lap to lap begging for food. It was so funny how scared people were getting when she surprised them.

There were lots of beautiful views from the island.

The place we had lunch had an ocean view.

There were cannons all over the island.

When Eric and I finished our shopping, we sat on the beach and I chased away vendors as he sang into my Djembe. I've always wanted one and was so excited to get it for a pretty good deal.

Eric found a friend, much cuter than the pesky cat at lunch. Fortunately all the cats were friendly since they don't get shots or things there.

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