Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Here's a team picture, because of course, our team was not complete without our interpreters. They were such a huge help in translating, but also in helping us understand the culture.

From left to right they are Deborah (France), Ibou (Senegal), Simeon (Germany), Phillipe (Senegal), Noemi (France), Dokour (Senegal), Abel (Senegal), Guilaye (Senegal).

Here we are with Alioune, who missed the above photo. He actually lives in the village the basketball court was built in, and was so excited to have this opportunity for the kids of the village to hear the gospel. He also took Eric and I to his home to use the restroom (very similar to the Center's restroom), which was so nice of him.

The local interpreters knew that the best way to keep kids back is to walk the line with a stick!

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