Friday, March 2, 2007

Church at the Center

We had the blessing of attending the church at the Center on Sunday morning. It was so neat to have open sharing, first of praise and thankfulness for God. So much of their thankfulness was directed towards Him bringing us to Senegal, and our thankfulness for the opportunity to serve Him there and see His goodness at work across the world. Then there was open sharing of prayer requests, everything from comfort for a woman who just lost her husband, to better facilities at the Center, to protection and spiritual growth for the children. Brian got to go up front and share, and he read

They had a children's choir that was absolutely amazing! I'm looking forward to making the video and including their singing. My heart just soared in worship listening to them praise God. One neat thing, they were directed by a child as well, and he was wearing an Upwards Basketball shirt from last year!

This little girl was so adorable and grinning like crazy, until the camera was pointed at her!

Eric and I wore our African outfits to church that morning. Poor Eric was feeling pretty sick and hadn't been able to sleep the night before, so he had to lie down during the service.

It was so fun taking pictures with the church members after the service.

We loved this woman and her baby. Melissa asked if she could take a picture of her, and the woman misunderstood and untied her baby to tie him onto Melissa's back!

By the way, I loved the way the women carried their babies so much, I had the tailor make me a baby carrier. (Hopefully thinking at least a few years into the future!)

This little boy was so cute, after I showed him this picture on the camera, he marched around raising his hand so everyone would know he was the one in the photo.

Bright colors, collared shirts, and fancier fabrics were definitely prevalent for Sunday dress.

The kids who had Bibles obviously valued them and always held them close.

After church we had lunch at the restaurant at the hotel some of our team stayed in (don't think American hotel, it's not like that). Soda always comes in a recycled glass bottle at restaurants. If you buy it in a glass bottle at a shop, it costs more unless you bring a bottle to exchange.

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