Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Basketball stations

Each day we'd divide the kids into about 6 groups of 5-20 kids, depending on how many we had. Here Jason and Brandi are waiting with a group of kids as we get ready to start. Each group had one of us as a leader, we'd rotate about every 10-15 minutes at Paul's whistle. He did a great job of letting us know about how much time we had left and keeping us on our toes.

Aaron and Missy ran one of two shooting and lay-up stations, Diane is there helping with the group she led.

Here you can see how close the stations are. In the middle of the court (left side of the picture) Paul did ball handling with the kids in a circle. (some days we didn't have the ball handling and just worked it into other stations). To Paul's right, Eric led the dribbling station, he and Alyia are demonstrating a drill. Then to their right, Dale had a shooting station. Paul's left was just as crowded with another shooting station at the hoop, and passing and catching in between.

Here's Jaqueline, one of my girls, trying to dribble. That is probably one of the favorite stations for the kids, but also one of the most difficult. We really had to remind them to use their fingertips and not slap the ball, to not hunch over, and to use their wrists.

Eric had the kids dribble up and down the court, as well as weaving figure eights between the cones. He offered the kids an opportunity to race each other, but they usually just wanted to keep trying at their own pace.

Here Josiah and I are at a shooting station. We really had to stress form to start out, because a lot of them would chuck it overhand, or toss it underhand. But once they got it, it stuck!

Dale ran one of the shooting and lay-up stations. He had such a wonderful enthusiasm that was absolutely contagious. The kids got a big kick out of him! "Yeah Baby!"

Brian is leading the passing station where kids learn the chest pass, and the bounce pass. They practice both passes while standing and while running across the court.

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